Virtual Disaster Recovery

Retrieve your business data securely and easily

Don’t let any disaster put you out of business

You never know when or what outside threats can disconnect you from your data center. Buying two of everything is a common strategy, but is expensive to implement. Our Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) allows companies of all sizes to afford a solution to eliminate downtime without breaking the bank. Data protection goes beyond just a simple backup. Liberty Center One’s Virtual DR doesn’t just back up data, it protects it and provides on-demand resources that enable customer services to failover seamlessly, reducing RPO and RTO.

Protect What Matters Most. 5-Minute Failover To The Cloud!

Our Virtual Disaster Recovery Service includes:
  • 5-Minute Failover to the Cloud!
  • Quick & Easy Setup with Remote Deployment in 1-hour
  • Rapid Recovery for Windows & Linux workloads
  • Works on Bare Metal, Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, Xen & more
  • Seamlessly integrated with the One Cloud Services plaform

Already running your production workloads in the cloud? Add out-of-region DR/Failover to another One Cloud data center for fast Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives to help achieve industry compliance requirements.

What is RPO/RTO and why should I care?

Determining your company’s Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is crucial in determining the right business continuity plan for your organization. RPO and RTO are often measured in hours and play a significant role in determining the design of your data protection and backup solutions.


Recovery Point Objective refers to the maximum period of data loss that your business can withstand in a disaster scenario.


Recovery Time Objective refers to the maximum period of time that your systems can be down.

Virtual Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service

It’s not enough to just store your data off site — you need resources that will reduce your RPO and RTO times for full system recovery. This will also eliminate the need to purchase expensive hardware or manage a second data center. Our VDR solution delivers:

Continuous Data Protection

End-to-End Data Encryption

Point-in-time recovery

Sub-30-second RPO availability

Reduces the risk of data loss

One-click file and VM recovery

Backup reporting and monitoring

Sub-15-minute RTO availability

The One Cloud difference

Let our One Cloud Services help with your Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) solution. By utilizing the latest virtualization and data protection technologies, combined with our geographically diverse data centers, we can help your company achieve even the most rigorous compliance and security guidelines for Disaster Recovery.

  • DR planning and assessment
  • Database, application, and server replication
  • Replicate between Detroit, Cincinnati, and Dallas data centers
  • Geographic load balancing and redundancy
  • Easy-to-Use Management Portal
  • Non-disruptive annual DR testing
  • Storage Agnostic
  • Your Own Virtual Private Cloud for Recovery
  • Built-in Data Deduplication and WAN Optimization