Liberty celebrates one year anniversary The last 12 months has been transformative for all of us at Liberty Center One. A year ago, Liberty acquired Zimcom – an IaaS company in Cincinnati dedicated to data protection and availability. Through the integration of our services at the Liberty data center in Royal Oak, Michigan with services at data centers in Cincinnati, Ohio and Dallas, Texas, we offer customers the ability to run their workload in one of three geographically diverse locRead more

On Monday, August 21st, the United States will be treated to a total eclipse of the sun with different parts of the country experiencing different degrees of darkness. Liberty’s mission, is to never let one dark moment eclipse your valuable data. In fact, just one dark moment can be very costly – some estimates show that an IT outage can cost businesses an average of $7,900 a minute. Earlier this year, we announced the addition of Zimcom to the Liberty family. Zimcom, a cloud sRead more

ROYAL OAK, MI (PRWEB) MARCH 15, 2017 Liberty Center One has acquired one of the leading cloud solutions providers in the Midwest, Zimcom Internet Solutions. Zimcom is based in Cincinnati, OH and provides a broad portfolio of public and private cloud solutions, as well as infrastructure as a service, backup and disaster recovery, enterprise storage, hosted desktops, and cloud VPS. Founded in 1999, Zimcom has grown to become one of the most respected providers of Internet and hosting solutioRead more

There’s a chill in the air, and winter is just around the corner. Time for scarves, hot chocolate, sleigh rides, and Christmas Carols. And, depending on where you live, time to start planning for some pretty nasty blizzards. Although they might not wreak quite as much havoc as a hurricane, winter storms can be devastating in their own right. Heavy snowfall can cut off roadways and take down power lines. Extreme cold can make it impossible for employees to manage the trek to the workpRead more

In a previous post, we talked a bit about preventative maintenance - about the importance of establishing and following a proper maintenance checklist. Today, I’d like to examine that topic a little more in-depth. See, there’s a pretty well-established guideline related to proper preventative maintenance. Complying with it can make all the difference in the world. I’m talking about the 10% rule, which provides what I feel is an excellent rule of thumb for maintenance cycles.Read more

Fire suppression and climate control systems are both essential to effective data center operations. Thing is, they can also represent a significant threat to your facility if they aren’t properly-maintained. Just look at what happened to the Glasgow City Council’s IT systems last year. Due to the ‘catastrophic failure’ of an air conditioning unit, an unidentified gas was released into the city council’s data center. Though details weren’t released on its composition, it waRead more

Most data center outages are completely preventable, and the result of human error or negligence. While it’s true that there will occasionally be a catastrophe that’s completely out of your control, those are few and far between. Fact is, if your data center goes down, there’s a good chance that you’re the one to blame. Preventative maintenance. If you’re going to keep things up and running effectively, that’s a term with which you need to be intimately familiar. The probleRead more

Earlier this month, Delta airlines suffered an outage that left passengers grounded worldwide. After blundering through their own systems for a bit, Delta finally stepped forward and announced that the outage was caused by a power failure in a Verizon data center. Yes, you read that right - losing power in a single data center brought down an entire airline. Baffling, isn’t it? "Monday morning a critical power control module at our Technology Command Center malfunctioned, causingRead more

Malware. DDoS attacks. Inclement weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Hardware failure and human error. In the context of data center operations, a disaster can take many forms - the only common thread is that your systems are brought down, your data is at risk, and your business loses money. And while you can’t outright prevent incidents like these from happening, you can certainly take steps to mitigate them. You can plan for disaster recovery. Here’s the thing abRead more

I have good news and I have bad news. We’ll start with the good. Data center outages as a whole have grown somewhat less frequent, according to a new report released by The Ponemon Institute. Unfortunately, they’ve also gotten more expensive, averaging out at around $9,000 per minute. And while UPS failure is still the leading cause, there’s a new source of failure looming just over the horizon - and it’s likely only going to get worse. Distributed Denial of Service attacksRead more

There are some component failures you can’t necessarily mitigate against. Human error accounts for 22% of all data center outages - a number that has changed little over the past three years. That indicates that either no one’s bothered to make any progress, or that progress simply cannot be made. As the saying goes, no matter how hard you try to idiot-proof a system, an idiot will eventually find a way to break it. The simple fact is that people make mistakes. That’s inevitaRead more

For all that human society has progressed, for all that we’ve taken command of our environment, Mother Nature can still crush us with a flick of the wrist. That isn’t to say we haven’t gotten better at predicting - and weathering through - natural disasters. We definitely have. When Hurricane Sandy struck New York City in 2012, many data centers were taken offline. Many, but not all. Some, like Peer 1 Hosting, managed to survive without even suffering downtime. They were preRead more

In the event that the grid on which your data center’s based suffers a power loss, you need to ensure you have a backup power plan in place. We certainly needn’t inform you of the consequences if you fail to do so - insane amounts of downtime (which costs, on average, $7900 per minute), lost data, and lost productivity. But hey - you’ve already got backup generators, right? Every data center worth its salt has them. Here’s a question, though - are you practicing proper fuRead more

Your UPS is especially important for when the power goes out in your data center - for that brief period between a blackout and the spinning up of your backup generators. But like every other component in your facility, it can be prone to failure if you don’t properly manage it. And the consequences of that failure can be dire, from power surges damaging essential components to data loss and corruption. “A lot of people assume that when power is cut from their computer, it shouRead more

Summer’s about more than just beach vacations and late sunsets. The weather outside is heating up - and that means that as a data center operator, it’s your job to ensure that your environmental equipment (air conditioning, especially), is made to beat the heat. After all, with the average cost of data centers on the rise, downtime has never been pricier. A single minute of disrupted service costs an average of $7,900. And even though only 21% of data center failures are caused byRead more

So, let’s say you’re trying to get a web-server up and running. As far as you can tell, you’ve configured everything more or less correctly - there are no obvious errors in any of your settings, and all your working parts appear to be working as intended. But there’s a problem - a significant one. For some reason, no matter what you do, cURL can’t seem to connect with your server. And instead of returning a helpful error message that you could potentially use to troubleshoRead more

    Tim Mullahy, Managing Director, and Rex Smith, President, participated at the recent Fifth Annual Greater Chicago & Midwest Data Center Summit. Rex was given the opportunity to speak about the advantages of development and investment in emerging and competitive markets, as well, and they both met a number of other operators and support companies and built a number of new relationships. Tim commented. “ It is always beneficial to talk to others that are facing the sRead more

Image Credit: Victorgrigas We’ll just be offering up a quick guide today - we’re going to go over a few of the core services and applications in your Windows Server 2012 installation. Newer sysadmins can think of this as something of a primer, while those with a bit more experience can potentially use it as a cheat sheet. Let’s dive right in, shall we? WinHttpAutoProxySvc As the name suggests, this utility provides the autoproxy service in a Windows Server installation. It’s Read more

If you’re running a database that serves as the core of a set of high-availability business apps, then you need to ensure the server running that database has as much uptime as possible. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can do so with Microsoft’s SQL server 2012. It’s actually easier than you’d think. Use Failover Clustering Failover clustering has been baked into Microsoft SQL server for many releases, and makes use of a combination of one or more servers across aRead more

It’s always a terrible thing to lose a loved one to a disease - especially one they’ve been fighting for years. But that’s precisely what happened to one Wisconsin woman, a sufferer of Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer that attacks the body’s plasma cells. She lost a nine-year battle with the illness on November 7, 2014, leaving behind a grieving husband and community. Determined to keep her memory alive, they together resolved to plant a field of sunflowers.Today, that field,Read more

You need to keep your servers up to date. That much is clear to even the most novice sysadmin. What isn’t necessarily clear is how you’re to do that. Should you do as so many other departments are doing, and rely solely on automation? Or should you roll up your sleeves and do everything by hand? The answer’s actually not as simple as you’d think. In Favor Of An Automatic Approach Let’s be honest - most IT professionals are already overworked as it is. A survey carried out Read more

Image Credit: Rural Learning Center I like to think that, at least from a consumer perspective, Microsoft releases operating systems in a sort of ‘pendulum’ pattern. One OS is great, and beloved by the users. Then the next is god awful, and those who’ve installed it regret ever doing so. Then the next is great again.  And so on and so forth. Based on that pattern, Windows 8 was the ‘awful’ OS, and Windows 10 the ‘great’ one. And on the surface, that DOES appear to bRead more

Image Credit: Blaž Vizjak Hey there, folks! Today, we’re going to walk you through a MySQL cheat sheet so you can navigate with ease. After all, it is the most popular relational database management system on the web. Now, while it certainly didn’t get where it is by being either obtuse or difficult to use, it can be a bit finicky sometimes - and there are a few ‘gotchas!’ here and there that can present a challenge to even the most seasoned of administrators. That’s wherRead more

There’s always been some contention over which SQL database tool is superior. What's the real difference between PostGRESQL vs MySQL and more? Every administrator has their preferences, and every programmer has their own unique way of dealing with code. For that reason, if you ask five different sysadmins which platform they prefer, you’re like to receive five different answers. Let’s see if we can’t help you come to your own answer. Today, we’re going to look at some of Read more

Showing Tables In Oracle SQL*Plus Connecting to the database sqlplus username/password@database-name Listing tables owned by current user type select tablespace_name, table_name from user_tables; Listing all tables in the database select tablespace_name, table_name from dba_tables; Listing tables accessible to the current user select tablespace_name, table_name from all_tables; or select owner, table_name from all_tables or select owner, table_name fRead more

The never ending debate on raised floor vs solid for data centers In working with some of our newer clients, we are often asked about our decision to go with a solid “flubber” floor over the traditional raised floor. Because we were building from scratch we had the luxury of making this very important choice. Recently, since our laundry list of reasons was all too familiar to me, we went looking to see what other thoughts were on this topic and came across Chuck Goolsbee’s SRead more

I’d like to start today’s piece off with a few stories. Steve works as the IT director at a large financial services firm, which recently decided to retire its legacy systems in favor of newer infrastructure. Together with his department, he begins the long process of migrating business-critical data from the old systems to the new. Unfortunately, during the migration, something goes wrong - a huge swathe of data ends up corrupted. No big deal, thinks Steve. He searches for the baRead more

Being a sysadmin can be really, really weird. When you work with people who understand little about your job - and even less about the technology you work with - there’s the tendency for bizarre questions, unusual cases, and downright aggravating conflicts. At least there’s a silver lining to all that: they make for some pretty good stories. Today, we’re going to look at some of those stories - snippets of them, actually. We’ve compiled a list of some of the weirdest thingsRead more

© User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-4.0 As you may or may not know, every version of Windows from Vista onward contains a proprietary disk encryption tool, known as BitLocker. Baked into the operating system, it allows users to quickly and easily apply full-disk encryption to their hard drives, preventing attackers from gaining access to their data. At least...that’s how it was supposed to work. Until recently, the encryption didn’t really amount to much. Enter the BitloRead more

Image Credit: Sunil Soundarapandian That was a close one. The Federal Communications Commission almost kicked sysadmins the nation over square in their collective jaw. Almost - but not quite. Last week, the FCC rendered a major decision in a months-long debate concerning open-source router firmware. Initially intended to address the issue of RF compliance, an ongoing conversation and a proposed piece of legislation took on far greater significance than the governmental body inteRead more

“I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately,” writes reddit user mrcrassic on the sysadmin subreddit. “When I was first introduced to the concept of “devops” a few years ago, I thought that these were for people who were good at programming AND good at systems, and wanted to use that knowledge to help pure devs ship builds.  Instead, what I saw during my last job search (from June to early October) was a lot of hiring managers thought that "DevOps" == "sysadmin + scripting." Read more

The Internet of Things is now inevitable - are you ready? For the uninitiated, The Internet of Things, or IoT for short is the phrase used to refer to the growing network of connected devices popping up in our businesses, our homes, and our lives. These devices, traditionally ‘dumb’ and not connected to the Internet, are embedded with computer chips to make them more useful, more powerful, and more profitable. Mind you, IoT still has a ways to go before it becomes truly widespreadRead more

Analytics has come a long way in the last couple of years. With the advent of unstructured data - and the tools necessary to analyze it - businesses have the potential to gain insights greater than ever before. This is particularly evident in marketing. "Arguably, the most important evolution in the history of marketing is the ability to understand what data you have, what data you can get, how to organize and, ultimately, how to activate the data," Mark Flaharty, SundaySky’s executiveRead more

Image Credit: Tim Dobbelaere Another day, another executive lodging their own foot firmly in their throat. This time, the party responsible for the PR faux-pas is none other than Oracle’s own Chief Security Officer, Mary Ann Davidson. In a blog post that Oracle’s already taken down and apologized for, Davidson absolutely lambasted the camp of developers who dared reverse-engineer the code in Oracle’s products. Collateral damage: the Oracle business model.  She also rambled on Read more

Every aspect of how we live and work is being transformed by technology advances.  The social and economic evolution within our cities showcases the direct impact these tech-driven changes have on the industries. Whether it is advances in transportation, education, healthcare or government, technology is enabling new tools to address the challenges and opportunities that will drive the business and social structures of our interconnected, urbanized future. The impact of tech on the AmeRead more

SSDP - Simple Service Discovery Protocol, also known as Universal Plug and Play - is a process that allows systems and devices to discover neighbors by searching the network, broadcasting their presence, or both. Unfortunately, it was discovered in 2014 that SSDP is actually fairly vulnerable. The problem, reads a post on the Nexusguard Blog, is that SSDP was never was never designed for the Internet. It was never supposed to be an Internet standard. The fact that it is makes it easily eRead more

If you open the resource monitor in Windows during periods of particularly high memory usage, you might notice something a little disconcerting - the majority of your system memory appears to be allocated to “standby memory.” Generally, this isn’t something you need to worry about - standby memory is simply cached data that Windows will release when another app requires it. Now, there’s a caveat to this - if you’re frequently receiving “low memory” warnings when the majoritRead more

What Exactly Does The Error Mean? This is something of a niche error, as your server will not use the SMS Agent Host utility unless it has Microsoft SMS deployed. It’s also worth noting that newer versions of this service are referred to as System Center Configurator Manager. Anyway, assuming you’re using Microsoft SMS, the agent may occasionally fail to start on a reboot. What Could Be Causing It? According to Microsoft Support, there are a few possible reasons for this error: Read more

What Exactly Does The Error Mean? Postfix is by default equipped with a number of controls and safeguards to prevent malicious This error is returned when Postfix user attempts to send an email and it’s rejected by the target domain. It usually means the user isn’t properly authorized - either they’re connecting from a non-trusted domain or they aren’t targeting a trusted destination. What Could Be Causing It? Misconfiguration, more often than not, though occasionally DNS isRead more

What Exactly Does The Error Mean? When a packet is sent, it has a value applied to it called TTL (Time To Live). This value decreases in increments every time the packet ‘hops’ from one network location to another. When it reaches 0, it is automatically dropped, and the time to live exceeded error is returned. What Could Be Causing It? The most common cause of this error is a routing loop somewhere in the network, either as a result of misconfiguration or a temporary hiccup in the Read more

Generally speaking, Port 7070 is used for multimedia applications such as Apple Quicktime Streaming Server and RealAudio. Certain games - such as City of Heroes and City of Villains - also make use of the port. It goes without saying that, as a result, you’re not likely to make use of this port on your server. So what can you do if it appears to be open and shouldn’t be? There’s a good chance your router is to blame here. Try listening on the port to see if it’s really open - Read more

You can add a bit of extra security to your server by disabling SSH password authentication altogether, and instead using a pre-generated, private key. Note that if you lose said key, you’ll lose remote access to your server. In order to do this, take the following steps: Open your sshd_config file, and look for the line #PasswordAuthentication. Change the flag from yes to no. Run the command ssh keygen on your machine to generate a public and private key. Copy the public key infoRead more

Are you using WordPress to manage your business's website? Do you often wonder if a new plugin will be beneficial for your site? Then this meetup group is beneficial for you. The group, WordPress Grand Rapids, is for anyone who is interested in WordPress. From bloggers to developers to even website managers, this group helps to answer all of your WordPress questions.  The group meets every month to discuss new WordPress discoveries while they also maintain a blog at  Some ofRead more

Start your day networking with fellow creators.  Coffee with Creators is an early morning, but casual coffee meetup for anyone that's interested in technology, design and business—at all levels. Whether you have been in the industry for years or brand new, take the opportunity to join students, professionals and companies to chat, get to know one another, and share experiences. Every week from 7:30am to 8:30am, individuals gather at The Factory to jump start their day networking witRead more

How do we build a more creative and inclusive city? At the end of June, city planners and urbanists from around the world will gather in Detroit to listen to a "festival of ideas" on how to do just this.  A new Detroit is on the verge, through grit and determination, this city is bound and determined to push forward and emerge anew.  The new Detroit has top-notch universities providing the knowledge assets, a growing downtown, a world-class airport, and a history built on design and engRead more

Most hosting firms allocate ‘blocks’ of static IP addresses to their clients, identified by a CIDR notation (such as /29 or /30). Each block represents a particular subnet on the host’s network, and each subnet has its own subnet mask. In networking, IP addresses consist of two core components: the network address and the host identifier. CIDR notations describe how many bits of the address (there are 32 in total, and each bit can be either 0 or 1) are used for the routing/networkiRead more

Do you work in the IT Field? Do you live in the Metro Detroit area? Looking to meet like minded individuals in the area?  Then IT in the D events are a must attend for you. ITintheD was started by IT professionals for IT professionals. Local IT professionals felt the standard networking events were not fitting their needs, thus electing to create events that did. Rather than suffer through those normal networking events, they designed ones that they wanted to attend and felt other IT pRead more