Closet to Colo – Make the Move and Save

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Liberty has partnered with DTE Energy to help customers save money on their data center migration

  • Liberty’s environmental systems are far more efficient than the typical on-site data closet. Many data closets use as much energy to cool its servers than it takes to run its servers
  • From the conditioned power systems that protect against surges and outages to the energy saving HVAC systems that take advantage of natural cooling 60% of the year, Liberty’s energy-centric approach results in predictable monthly costs, far less than maintaining a small site of your own

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Customers moving to Liberty can take advantage of DTE’s Telecom Incentive Program

  • Get a credit toward the installation of new equipment 
  • Get a check directly from DTE based on the projected energy savings
  • Liberty’s low power usage effectiveness rating (PUE) makes the cost savings even better

Contact us to see how you can take advantage of the Closet-to-Colo Incentive from DTE

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