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Managed IT services to help your Cleveland business thrive

Technology is essential for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive market. We at Liberty Center One help businesses understand and use technology to their advantage, so they can get the most out of their investment and achieve their business goals.

Our team knows that outdated technology is disruptive for small businesses in Cleveland and surrounding areas. That’s why we offer enterprise-grade managed IT solutions that you can lean upon 24/7. Our managed IT solutions are cost-effective and reliable, and they ensure that your business can keep up with future IT developments.

Also, if your IT issue needs on-site support, we’ll send a highly experienced technician to your location to diagnose and fix the problem for good. Liberty Center One is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of IT support possible so you can focus on what’s important: your business.

Why choose Liberty Center One as the IT provider for your Cleveland business?

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with Liberty Center One:

Extensive experience in delivering reliable IT infrastructure and cloud solutions to Cleveland businesses

Proven IT solutions for any technology challenge

Personalized IT support solutions that help you get the most out of your technology

Experienced IT experts who are committed to providing you with the best possible service

We treat your technology like it’s our own

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, experienced and dependable staff, and effective solutions that are targeted specifically to your needs.

Services offered

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Desktops-as-a-Service — Citrix or RDS
  • Managed Backups
  • Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Connectivity
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • Colocation — private cabinets (10u, 20u, 42u) and cages


CloudSurge Infrastructure Management Portal

  • Self-service network creation and management
  • Deploy server and storage resources on demand in any region


  • Dell M640 blades in high availability cluster
  • 2nd generation Xeon scalable processors

Performance Storage

  • Pure X Series All Flash
  • 100% NVMe over 32g Fibre Channel
  • 1.2 million iOPs

Capacity Storage

  • Pure C Services All Flash
  • 150,000 iOPs

Data Center


  • 670,000 sq. ft data center; 400,000 sq. ft raised floor
  • Fujita F2 wind rating
  • On-site security guards 24/7 and rigid access control
  • Video surveillance and interior/exterior recording
  • FM200 or FE-25 clean gas fire suppression


  • FM200 or FE-25 clean gas fire suppression
  • 750 kVA Mitsubishi UPS systems
  • Scalable 2.5 MW Cummins dedicated generators
  • 5,000-gallon belly tank per generator


  • Hybrid cooling systems — unique indirect evaporative with redundant DX
  • Indirect evaporative cooling units provide best-in-class efficiency


  • Carrier-neutral as well as dark-fiber connectivity option
  • Multi-homed bandwidth with multiple Tier-1 carrier upstream providers
  • Interconnection to multiple data centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, the cloud is just someone else’s computer. Cloud providers “rent” space on their computing and storage infrastructure and bundle it with networking, security, and licensing services.

One Cloud Services provides a full suite of cloud services including public cloud, private cloud, data protection and storage, disaster recovery and remote desktops as a service.

Cloud computing services allow companies to forego expensive hardware purchases, maintenance and support for the computing resources needed to support their business. They also gain more robust automation, cybersecurity tools and network support as cloud providers have the scale to provide more resources. Business can also contract for a “utility billing” plan from a cloud provider that only charges for the resources as used, avoiding fixed costs that include unspent capacity.

By offering a range of secure, customizable computing resources and solutions along with ongoing, proactive maintenance, cloud computing service providers remove the need for organizations to purchase and maintain hardware and to invest in data center expenses. Cloud computing also lets users focus on growth-generating tasks without worrying about the performance of their IT infrastructure.

A public cloud delivers computing resources (servers, operating systems, software, data storage, etc.) to multiple businesses over the internet; they share the same physical server, but each virtual network is isolated. A private cloud does the same, but the hardware and software are dedicated to a single organization.
This is a third-party cloud service provider who owns, hosts and manages the computing resources (servers, storage, etc.) and delivers them to multiple businesses, which keeps costs low, as they are “shared.” This allows businesses to get hassle-free cloud services that boost efficiency while cutting costs.
It’s a type of cloud architecture whose resources and services are built for and dedicated solely to a single organization.
Authorized users can access a company’s private cloud systems by logging in to the company’s private network on a web-based interface from any internet-connected device.
It allows employees to access computer programs and files over the internet, rather than using a computer’s hard drive. These resources exist on hardware that is stored either on site at the business or hosted by a third party at an off-site data center.

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