VMware Licensing Revamp: A Guide to Navigating VMware’s Licensing Changes

img blog A Guide to Navigating VMwares Licensing Changes

Are you a business or organization wrestling with the recent changes to VMware’s licensing model? Don’t worry, this guide unpacks the key details of VMware’s licensing changes, explains what they mean for your business, and equips you with a roadmap for making informed decisions.

Understanding VMware’s licensing changes

In late 2023, Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware triggered a significant overhaul of the virtualization and cloud computing software’s licensing structure. The most impactful change has been the retirement of perpetual licenses. Previously, businesses could purchase a perpetual license for VMware software, essentially granting them permanent ownership of the software itself. Now, VMware products are available only through subscription models, which means you have to pay a recurring fee to access the software.

Why are businesses concerned?

The shift to subscription models has caused some apprehension among businesses for the following reasons:

  • Potential price hikes: Broadcom has a history of increasing prices after acquisitions. Businesses worry that VMware subscription costs will become more expensive in the future, impacting their IT budgets.
  • Product discontinuation: There’s a fear that Broadcom might discontinue specific VMware products that businesses rely on for their critical operations. This could lead to disruptions and force businesses to migrate to unfamiliar solutions, costing time and money as they adjust.
  • Reduced innovation: Businesses are unsure how much Broadcom will invest in developing and improving VMware products going forward. Less investment could leave these products outdated and hinder future growth.

Should you migrate away from VMware?

The decision depends on your specific business needs and priorities. Here are some key questions to consider to help you decide if migrating to another cloud platform is the right move for your business:

What is your inventory?

Create a comprehensive inventory of all your VMware licenses. This will provide a clear picture of the software your business is using and the associated licensing costs.

How critical are VMware products to your daily operations?

Analyze how each VMware product affects your daily operations. Are some products essential for core business functions, while others are less critical or rarely used?

What are your alternatives?

Research the market for potential alternative software solutions that meet your specific requirements. Consider factors such as functionality, compatibility with existing infrastructure, and total cost of ownership.

How much will migration cost?

Think about more than just software licensing. Consider the time and resources needed to migrate, potential downtime, and staff training for new software.

How cloud service providers can help

Navigating these changes can feel overwhelming, especially for businesses with limited IT resources. Fortunately, cloud service providers such as Liberty Center One can guide you through the new VMware licensing landscape with the following services:

  • Inventory and assessment: They can analyze your VMware licenses and current usage to understand your situation and identify potential cost savings.
  • Alternative solution exploration: Their experts can research software alternatives that suit your budget, needs, and technical requirements. 
  • Migration planning and execution: If you need to migrate away from certain VMware products, most cloud service providers can create a plan to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition. Some can even handle the migration process.
  • Ongoing support: Many cloud service providers offer ongoing support throughout the process, from initial assessment to post-migration assistance. This ensures minimal disruption while you use the new software solutions.

Don't wait until renewal time

The best time to address these changes is now. Proactive planning allows you to make informed decisions without pressure and avoid potential disruptions down the road. 

Talk to Liberty Center One to learn more about what the VMware license changes mean for your business and what you should do next.