Our Network

Choose from a wide array of local, regional, and multinational ISPs that provide lightning-fast connections

The Liberty blend

Liberty Center One’s network is multi-homed with multiple independent ISPs configured in a BGP session for superior redundancy. Our premium blend uses a combination of regional, multinational, and tier-one ISPs with diverse peering, diverse pathing to/from the data center, and diverse physical entries protected by steel conduits. Standard burstable ports are 1 GB and 10 GB ports that are available upon request.

Our network features:

Resiliency and Reliability

The backbone of the internal network is built on a 40 G Juniper platform — each carrier has a dedicated router for core services and the Juniper edge environment is a six-node virtual chassis. Internet traffic is automatically routed via the network providing the fastest path to/from its destination. In the event a carrier network becomes unavailable, traffic is seamlessly re-routed to one of the other networks. Liberty network technicians monitor all carriers from sites around the globe and will disable a carrier’s connection should it experience excessive packet loss.

server racks with wires flowing in from both sides

Private VLANs

Every Liberty Center One customer is protected and isolated on their own private VLAN. Cross traffic between customers on the same switch is eliminated and VLANs offer an effective mechanism for setting up firewalls.

Intelligent Routing

Liberty uses Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) to continuously improve traffic routing, minimize latency and packet loss, and bypass internet congestion and outages. By adding intelligence to internet routing decisions, Noction IRP leverages a company’s existing internet connectivity to deliver substantial network performance improvements.

wires connecting to server rack