Liberty Center One Introduces SWAN Back-up Services

Liberty Center One Introduces SWAN Back-up Services

Full Release: ROYAL OAK, MI (July, 2012) – One of the most important issues facing businesses is data back-up and recovery. One of the most burdensome issues facing IT departments is data back-up and recovery.

While CFOs and business directors have long viewed back-up as necessary component to their businesses, IT departments have viewed it as a necessary evil.

The dominant tactic deployed for many years to address this need is the use of tape back-up systems. Despite advances in packaging tape in cartridge format, the tape back-up process has gone largely unchanged since the days of open reel tapes and the Univac computer.

Many a restless night is spent by IT Managers wondering where missing tapes might have gone or if last night’s back-ups really ran properly, not to mention media degradation and environmental contamination.

Liberty Center One talked to many IT managers and created its SWAN Back-up Services to address the concerns they have regarding their back-up processes.

“Why SWAN?” asks Pat Turner, Liberty Center One CTO. “We want our customers to Sleep Well At Night. With our SWAN solution, we can deliver an automated, 100% daily verified back-up solution that requires little customer management.”

SWAN uses advanced technology from EMC – the leading provider of storage hardware solutions that promote data recovery and improve cloud computing.

“We chose Avamar from EMC to provide the backbone of our SWAN solution because it is the most optimized data duplication system available,” added Turner. “Using Avamar’s source based de-duplication technology, any customer can now have a safe, secure, off-site back-up without making significant changes or expensive upgrades to their internal or external networking.”

Because Avamar’s back-up agent de-duplicates data at the source, even sites with bandwidth limitations will be able to accomplish full, verified back-ups every day.

Liberty’s SWAN solution also solves other major issues faced by IT staffs using traditional tape back-up:

  • Reliability. Tapes are notorious for being failure-prone. Over 50% of all data restores from tape fail and verifying if the data was back-up properly each day is time consuming, cumbersome, and often disregarded because it extends backup time into business hours. SWAN eliminates these risks – back-up data is 100% verified every day and backup times are reduced on average by between75 to 95%. Reduced back-up windows equals increased user productivity.
  • Security. Off-site storage of back-up tapes present significant risks of losses or damages in transport and have multiple points of failure not to mention that the data itself could be read by others if the tapes are misplaced. With SWAN, data is always encrypted in flight and there is no corruption – ever.
  • Recovery. Even if data is backed up properly, retrieving a missing file can be an even larger challenge. Finding an archived file can be a painstaking task, hunting through multiple daily incremental, weekly and monthly tapes. SWAN reduces recovery time and simplifies the restoration process. Customers have their own console and can manage their own back-up and restores from an online interface. Recovery is a predictable, single-step process.

“We know that many businesses are struggling with their Disaster Recovery strategy,” says Tim Mullahy, Managing Director at Liberty Center One. “They’d like to have their critical data backed up at a different site than where their production systems reside, but many times they can’t cost justify the investment in establishing a DR site. SWAN is a perfect solution for businesses with critical data that they want protected safely, securely and efficiently… but off- site.”

Any business of any size can take advantage of Liberty Center One’s high availability, fully redundant infrastructure by implementing Liberty’s SWAN services.

“We are able to provide a daily full back-up for VMware servers, desktops, laptops, remote offices, enterprise applications and more,” added Turner. “Customers who choose SWAN will achieve a significant reduction in network traffic and will see savings in bandwidth, less disk storage, and a reduction of staff time spent on low value tasks. Best of all, back-ups will be very fast – up to ten times faster and a recovery time can be reduced by as much as 75%.”

Liberty Center One provides a simplified implementation model and handles everything from initial set-up to daily monitoring. Each customer has their own self-service portal and will have full 24/7 access to their data.

For more information, contact Tim Mullahy at, 734-507-0521 or visit

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