Introducing SWAN Backup

Fast and efficient backup and recovery featuring EMC Avamar with 100% data verification every day. Worrying about tape backups and restores are a thing of the past. Backups can now move off-site with ease to an enterprise class data center. Avamar is the most optimized data duplication system available. No hardware or dedicated Internet required at the source. Liberty Center One handles everything from set-up to monitoring daily backup processes. SWAN provides:

  • VMware Backup: optimizes VM backup and recovery at guest and image level
  • NAS Backups: reduces backup windows and eliminates lengthy full backups.
  • Desktop and laptop backups: protects all of your data
  • Remote office backup: centralizes and manages office backup and recovery – unlimited number of client side agents
  • Enterprise Applications: ensures application consistency

Secure and Reliable

Data is always encrypted in flight. No more worries about lost or misdirected tapes falling into the wrong hands. Data integrity is checked every day so you know it works. No corruption, ever.

Reduced recovery time.

Single step recovery at the block or file level. Don’t retrieve a week’s worth of data when all you need is one file.

Benefits of a tier 3, high availability data center

Liberty Center One’s infrastructure includes multiple carriers on multiple fiber trunks, redundant UPS, redundant generators and uncompromised security. Backup your data off-site to an enterprise class, secure data center.


  • Eliminates downtime for backups
  • As much as a 75% reduction in data restoration time
  • Centralize all backups from database servers, desktops, laptops, NAS, SAN and DAS
  • Eliminates staff time spent on low value tasks, as well as failure and vulnerability risks
  • Take advantage of leading technology from EMC without the capital investment

SWAN Back-up

SWAN can be deployed for customers who are not co-locating at Liberty Center One

For customers choosing Liberty as their data center:

  • Backups are transmitted via a private line from Liberty to a secure, off-site data center.
  • All data is encrypted in flight and at rest
  • Both data centers are on-net eliminating bandwidth usage from your Rackspace

For customers with their own data center:

  • Backups are transmitted over the Internet from your location to Liberty’s off-site data center
  • EMC Avamar technology makes sure your data is protected – all data is encrypted in flight and at rest
  • Avamar’s de-dupe technology minimizes the use of your bandwidth from your site while maintaining a daily full backup
  • With single step recovery at the block or file level, retrieval can be implemented quickly with minimal bandwidth usage
  • The initial backup can be via an external hard-drive physically delivered from your site to ours to save bandwidth and time
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