Some disasters can leave your employees without a place to go. While mobile technology can solve some of these problems, there are just some people that need a physical place to work and many times these individuals are some of your most critical employees. If you are concerned about business continuity for your staff, Liberty can help.

From a small team of IT people to a large department, Liberty can provide options for you to access office space on demand.

A limited amount of space can be provided at the Liberty NOC on-site within the data center facility. All offices in the data center facility are protected by the redundant back-up generator plant so even if there is a regional power outage, workers can still maintain their productivity onsite.

Liberty also has access to a number of other sites in and around Oakland County where an alternative office site can be set up, fully equipped with cubicles, PCs, phones and printers. Shared space is available on demand on a priority basis or dedicated space can be provided on a demand basis. All locations have self-contained back-up power and are on net with Liberty Center One.

Don’t let your business stop when a disaster strikes!

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