For customers with their own data center, Liberty is the perfect environment for a back-up data center. Here are some alternatives:

  • Evaluate your IT environment and determine what critical services you need to support in the face of a disaster or an outage. You may not need a full rack to support the servers you need to get you through a disaster. Liberty offers quarter and half racks which could be the perfect small footprint to support your most critical services.
  • Use Liberty’s SWAN back-up to move your data offsite from your data center. Couple this with a rack at Liberty and your data can be moved seamlessly back into your DR servers to get you back up fast in the face of a disaster.
  • Have your own backup infrastructure? Why invest in a second data center when you can use Liberty’s as your own. Locate your off-site backup environment at Liberty and keep it safe and secure. Need to bring in a private line to connect your production environment to Liberty? Or need to establish Liberty as a node on your MPLS and make it a target for backups from multiple locations? Several of our customers do this today with their own carriers. Liberty will cross connect your carrier to your rack or utilize our burstable blended Internet for your data transfer.
  • Looking for a second data center to synch with your existing data center? Or deploying a cloud solution and need a second or third data center to implement your plan?Leverage Liberty’s enterprise environment and carrier portfolio to establish your own private cloud.
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