Protect Your Data From Disaster With Liberty Center One

Data loss is more common than you think, and it doesn’t take a hurricane to encounter it. In fact, hardware failure is a far more common issue. No matter how careful you are with your data, sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. Files get corrupted or compromised, and hardware fails. Acts of nature leave your data center inoperable. Liberty Center One can help. We provide you with multiple options to support any disaster recovery plan.

Plan for the worst by capitalizing on one of our backup services.

Disaster Recovery Backup

Data loss can cripple your business, sometimes beyond repair, and hardware failure is the most common cause. Prevent data loss by creating robust backups, ensuring recovery in the event of a system malfunction or disaster. Use Liberty’s SWAN DR to create a full off-site backup every single day, even if your servers aren’t located here in our Detroit facility.

Cloud Recovery

In the event of data disaster, accessing your backups is priority number one. What if your primary production hardware is inoperable or inaccessible? Get your business back up and running quickly with cloud-based backups, so you can access a fully operational virtual copy of your machines in seconds. Choose from shared, dedicated, and hybrid solutions.

Data Archiving

Do you need to store months or years of archived data? Archive your old files in off-site tapes. We catalog all tapes and can easily retrieve them in minutes. Meet your data-retention requirements without wasting internal resources moving tapes around.

Colocation for Disaster Recovery

Hardware failure in a production server is catastrophic. It goes without saying that you need to mitigate the resulting downtime as much as possible. Leverage a colocation plan in our data center and keep a second set of high-availability servers here in Detroit. Your colocated servers can seamlessly step in and take over in the event of a disaster at your other data center.

Disaster Recovery Workspace

In the event of an office disaster, your IT team and other critical employees can borrow office space right here in our data center. Maintain business continuity in our on-demand workspaces.

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