While your rack may represent just a percentage of our business, it represents 100% of Your business. We protect your IT investment the way we would want to protect our own investment with the highest standards of security.

Multiple building access controls and monitors are maintained to thoroughly safeguard the building and its contents. All physical security controls comply with PCI-DSS v 2.0, HIPAA/HITECH guidelines and are audited annually using the SSAE-16, SOC2 standards from the AICPA.

Security Cameras All building entrances and exits as well as all interior data room access doors are monitored 24×7 by a third party alarm company. The alarm and door access control systems have their own battery backup systems and communication lines. Every door access event is recorded and logged in a database which can be queried to produce audit compliance reports. Entrance to the data room floor is through a man trap requiring both a key card and the associated individual’s fingerprint.

An extensive network of CCTV cameras are deployed to keep watch on key areas of the building including all entrances and exits, the parking lots and the hallways. All cameras are equipped with motion sensors which will activate a DVR which keeps all recorded footage in archive for a minimum of 90 days.

Liberty Center One made a major investment in the life safety features by deploying an inert gas fire suppression system instead of the typical water-based systems used in many data centers. No water lines run over any of the critical areas of the data rooms and electrical service room. We chose not to put customer equipment at risk of water damage, so the more expensive Ecaro-25 system was installed.

Ecaro-25 is a clean agent, perfect for protecting highly electrically charged occupied environments containing high-value IT equipment. It is odorless, colorless, electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive and only leaves a fine powder residue. The agent is attracted by high temperatures of 165 degrees plus, and extinguishes fires rapidly minimizing smoke damage. Ecaro-25 is safe for the environment as is does not deplete the ozone layer.

Fire SuppressionThe fire control system features both heat and smoke detection with a two-stage warning system and all Royal Oak fire department personnel have been onsite for training on the life safety features unique to the data center environment.

Liberty’s building security systems are monitored by Liberty personnel 24×7 and all systems are reachable remotely by staff any time of the day or night.

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