High availability provided in a tier III fashion requires a true A-B power distribution infrastructure found at Liberty Center One. Our A-B power design enables our customers to truly qualify their data center at Liberty as meeting Tier III specifications.

A-B Design

Liberty’s two independent UPS supply power to customers who select our high availability option. Each UPS has:

  • Independent step down transformers
  • Independent PDUs with TVSS
  • Independent conduit and wire pathway from the power room to the data room floor
  • Independent power busway
  • Independent power drops

No single point of convergence happens from the UPS units back to customer racks. Other data centers may provide two circuits for A and B power but the breakers may be in the same box or have common conduit running back to the UPS. Our design isolates the power paths for your protection.

In addition, both UPS have wrap-around maintenance by pass cabinets which allow service to be performed without taking either power leg down.


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