Liberty Center One has taken extraordinary measures to ensure that the power we supply to customer environments is always protected no matter the circumstance. We looked at designing Liberty like it was a plane that never lands – a facility that protects mission critical IT applications that can’t even be offline for maintenance.

Rack-side Distribution

Starline-busway-and-plugsStarting at the rack, Liberty utilizes an overhead busway system to deliver power to its customers. Busway eliminates the guesswork when it comes to moves, adds and changes to power circuits. Individual circuits are clearly visually identified for both their origin and destination as well as the individual UPS connection thus eliminating risks associated with labeling mistakes at a central breaker box location. In-room PDUs, are all equipped with TVSS designed to protect customer equipment from any potential transients. All individual customer circuits are monitored by TrendPoint’s Ensure system and customers can view their power usage in real time via a web portal.

Separate Power Paths

The conduit and wire pathways used to deliver power into the data rooms have no single point of convergence from the UPS to the customer rack. Liberty provides a true A and B power system. A and B circuits are on separate overhead busways and  have their own diverse PDU’s.

Transfer Switches

Transfer-switches Transfer switches are the most important part of the electrical heart of any data center. Even if the generators start and the UPS works, if the transfer switches don’t or can’t fire, your services are going down. Liberty has two independent industry-leading Russelectric Transfer Switches, both equipped with an electronic transfer module as well as a manual bypass feature for an extra layer of redundancy.

Conditioned UPS Power

MGE-UPS-battery-cab-open Two independent UPS systems provide conditioned power and battery back-up for the A and B side distribution system. Each UPS can handle 100% of the data room load so even in the event of a catastrophic failure at the UPS level, Liberty can still satisfy 100% of the power needs of its high availability customers. Both UPS are designed to protect the data room load and to ensure a seamless transition from utility power to back-up generator power in the event of a utility loss. With wrap-around maintenance bypass controls on both UPS, Liberty can perform preventative maintenance without power disruptions.

Back-Up Generator Power

Generator-yardIt’s an obvious requirement that any data center has to have a backup generator. However, in Liberty’s case we have two. One that backs-up the data center and the other that backs up the back-up generator. With two generators, we avoid the starter as a single point of failure. Each of our dual Kohler-Cummins diesel generators each are capable of providing 750 kW of backup power. Each generator has its own 2,000 gallon fuel tank and the dual system is designed to run for up to four days without refueling. An integrated on-site load bank enables us to test generators under load every month without taking the generators off-line.

Paralleling Switchgear

Gen-controls-Kohler-SG With multiple generators in our back-up power plant, a special set of switchgear is used to run the generators in parallel and to make sure they are all balanced electrically. Both generators will start within 10 seconds of an outage and the PSW connects the load to the generator plant within 20 seconds.

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