CAT-5-and-fiber-runLiberty Center One was located in a fiber-rich location providing multiple choices and lightning fast connections for your connectivity needs. Liberty is carrier agnostic – we believe in providing customers with their choice of carrier and do not restrict customers who want to bring their own carrier relationships to the data center. The facility provides multiple diverse fiber entries that converge at a central “meet me” carrier space which is secured 24×7 and is made available to carrier personnel by escort.

Liberty Blended IP Network

Cisco router close upLiberty provides customers with Direct Internet Access with a blended IP connection. The network is based around a gigabit Ethernet and SONET platform consisting of Cisco hardware in a meshed configuration for redundancy. BGP routing allows for intelligent routing through the Internet to ensure that customers can stay connected in the event a physical fiber path is disrupted or a single carrier outage occurs. Liberty maintains redundant Gigabit carrier circuits and transport usage and capacities are examined monthly to ensure that all traffic can be carried by a single circuit in the event of a carrier outage. Customers can choose from 10 mb/s, 100 mb/s or 1 Gb/s burstable ports for their Internet needs.

Resiliency and Reliability

When it comes to protecting customer connections and maintaining reliable connections to the Internet, Liberty leaves nothing to chance. Four Cisco 6500 enterprise switches work together to provide both core (carrier-facing) and edge (customer-facing) functions for the network. Each Cisco 6500 is capable of 720 gb/s throughput and configured for failover should any one chassis fail. The edge routers also have redundant supervisors on board. All core network devices are capable of withstanding DoS attacks into the multiple gigabits of traffic.

Private VLANs

Every Liberty Center One customer is isolated on their own private VLAN. Cross traffic between customers on the same switch is eliminated. VLANs offer an effective mechanism for setting up firewalls.

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