The environmental systems at Liberty were designed with future technology and scalability in mind. Data centers of the past were built in an age where the computing hardware space to heat ratio was very high.

Liberty looked forward and saw a coming age where server virtualization and cloud computing technologies would converge with hardware innovations providing smaller, more powerful (and more heat generating) server and storage footprints.

We created a high power density environment where customers can reduce their physical rack footprint and get more for their money. The environmental design allows customers to obtain greater server densities vs. other colo providers – Liberty customers frequently deploy multiple blade centers in a single rack with power requirements exceeding 20 kW in a single cabinet.

Intelligent yet Practical Design

A basic tenet of physics is that hot air rises and cold air falls. Customers have told us that in other older raised floor data centers that servers at the top of the racks are starved for cold air, so Liberty’s design started with overhead, downdraft cooling to take advantage of basic physics and drops cold air at high volumes into the cold aisles. The overhead delivery system is then coupled with cold aisle containment to improve efficiency and isolate the cold air volume to the fronts of the servers. Hot air exhausted at the rear of the servers into the hot aisle is either returned to one of the multiple 30-ton Liebert CRACs or rises to the 20 ft. ceiling deck to create a natural insulating barrier.

Precision Measurement and Controls

Diffusers in BLiberty’s data rooms are managed to the latest ASHRAE standards with an approximate 20 degree temperature differential between the cold and hot aisles. Liberty’s One Response Management System, deploys a network of temperature and humidity sensors that continually report data room conditions to a web based portal managed by Liberty technicians. An automated temperature and humidity monitoring system coupled with intelligent remote controls will initiate additional cooling if unacceptable environmental conditions exist or if cooling units report mechanical issues.

High Availability Cooling

Liebert CRACThe data rooms are cooled by multiple Liebert air handlers in a minimum of a N+1 operational configuration. Each cooling unit is networked into Liberty’s automated temperature controls system which will respond immediately to any variances in air supply or room temperatures by automatically starting standby units. Each air handler has built-in internal redundancy with dual compressors for each 30 ton unit.

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