One Response, Liberty’s comprehensive suite of DCIM tools, manages every function of the data center infrastructure. From power monitoring to security controls to environmental management, Liberty’s systems are monitored 24×7. This sophisticated set of monitoring tools and controls combine proprietary Liberty software integration with best of breed technologies from Liebert, Carrier and TrendPoint and give our techs full visibility into all data center systems at all times. This intelligent management system alerts Liberty personnel in an escalating fashion based on priority through email, text message or auto dialers ensure that nothing happens at the facility without our knowledge.

One Response monitors:

  • UPS and Batteries
  • Transfer Switches
  • Main Facility Power Meter
  • Generators
  • Generator fuel status
  • Individual Liebert CRAC condition
  • CRAC intake air temperatures
  • Data Room temperature and humidity
  • Fire system status
  • Burglar alarm status
  • Interior data room and exterior door breaches
  • Individual power circuit utilization
  • Individual power circuit status
  • Carrier connection status
  • Carrier latency
  • Customer port status
  • Network intrusion
  • Network hardware status
  • Customer bandwidth utilization

The features of One Response include:

  • Automated controls for CRACs which auto-start standby units when more cooling is needed
  • Remote controls for all environmental equipment
  • Individual power circuit usage reporting in real time to Liberty staff and customers
  • Carrier monitoring which reports latency measurements for all carriers from four geographic sites worldwide
  • Individual server monitoring which monitors individual server health and connectivity

Example alerts include:

  • UPS batteries discharge
  • CRAC high head pressure
  • Water on floor
  • Phase monitor
  • Generator low fuel
  • Temperature alert
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