Enlightened Data Center Solutions

We reclaimed old technology to make a modern, 21st century data center in Royal Oak, MI, the heart of SE Michigan’s Automation Alley. The 21,000 sq. ft. facility was converted from an abandoned tool & die shop and remodeled to meet the needs of the most stringent enterprise based customers with the convenience and value expected by small and medium sized businesses. Liberty provides secure, scalable and resilient colocation and managed services to customers in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, banking, financial services, e-commerce, health care management and content management delivery.

High Availability

Our single-most objective is the continuous availability of your IT services in the face of any disaster or incident. Liberty meets or exceeds the continuously availability targets for tier 3 data centers, providing superior facility, power and network uptime. Some of the features built into the facility that maintain uptime include:

  • Isolated A and B side UPS with diverse path power routing to customer racks
  • N+N back-up generator capacity
  • Three diverse fiber building entrances
  • Core and edge router functions separated into separate Cisco chassis
  • Redundant core and edge routers supporting HSRP

High Density

Most commercial colocation facilities are constrained by both power availability and environmental systems to only deliver a maximum of 3-4 kW per rack. Liberty can and does deliver a dense power environment with customers deploying as much as 20 kW per rack. The bottom line is your bottom line. Rack space is reduced and customers get more for their money.

High Touch

No one customer is alike at Liberty Center One. Our engagements are not matched to a price list or menu, they are matched to your requirements. We can provide the basics (ping power and pulse) or a range of services including managed firewalls, backup services, remote hands, hardware racking and more.

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