One of the most critical items Liberty Center One focuses on is getting your power delivery right. We work with customers every day to evaluate the delivery type and circuit size that works for them.

Liberty’s power delivery system relies on Starline Track Busway, a simple and versatile solution for supplying the exact power each rack needs with quick “plug and play” installation that allows us to get a rack up and running in less than 30 minutes. Using the busway system, any type of circuit can be installed at any location without running wire or conduit, providing many benefits for our customers including:

  • Quick installation
  • No risk of damage from metal shavings from conduit installation
  • Each circuit is easily traceable without risking mis-labeling in a central breaker box

Quad Drop Bus Plug Liberty also provides customers with the choice of a standard single power drop installation or a high availability installation. High availability circuits deliver two power drops to a cabinet, each utilizing its own independent power path back to two independent UPS that are entirely separate and diverse.

Power choices for your circuits include 120v, 208v and 208v 3-phase. Standard circuit sizes are 20a and 30a however, other larger breaker sizes are also available. We look at every power distribution individually and make sure you have the right breaker size and the right plugs and receptacles for your equipment.

Standard power distribution assumes that customers will supply their own in-rack PDUs, however, Liberty can also provide any style PDU as part of your monthly recurring cost. This is the easiest way to get your rack deployed and ready to go when you walk in with your IT hardware.

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