Liberty Center One’s server monitoring portal delivers real-time information to clients on both Internet bandwidth and power usage.

Bandwidth monitoring provides information on both inbound and outbound data, and automatically calculates 95th percentile usage. It also allows users to view specific date and time ranges in order to monitor usage patterns and better prepare for spikes and valleys. This information can be pulled into a comma delimited file.

Monitoring graph1

Power monitoring displays usage data from each circuit, aggregating power on A and B legs to provide a comprehensive report on both usage and redundancy. This data can be analyzed by running reports based on time/date ranges to determine how usage patterns and hardware changes impact power consumption

Monitoring graph2

Finally, One Response, Liberty’s comprehensive suite of DCIM tools, manages every function of the data center infrastructure.

From power monitoring to security controls to environmental management, Liberty’s systems are monitored 24×7. This sophisticated set of monitoring tools and controls combine proprietary Liberty software integration with best of breed technologies from Liebert, Carrier and TrendPoint and give our techs full visibility into all data center systems at all times.

This intelligent management system alerts Liberty personnel in an escalating fashion based on priority through email, text message or auto dialers ensure that nothing happens at the facility without our knowledge.

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