Customers with the need to enhance their connectivity to the data center can work with Liberty or directly with their carrier to provide a solution to their business needs. Some common type of private line services include:

  • MPLS. Private networking between multiple sites with Liberty as your data center
  • Point to point. Direct private connection between your data center at Liberty and your office or plant location
  • Out of Band Circuit. Additional Internet circuit for independent monitoring
  • Internet Access. Combine an independent Internet circuit with Liberty’s blended IP in a BGP session for even more redundancy

Liberty offers three options for customers to achieve their private line goals:

  • Purchase directly from Liberty. Liberty will bid to its carrier base and get the best pricing for your specifications. Liberty will handle the bid process, carrier negotiations and combine it into one consolidate billing.
  • Carrier referral. Want to manage the carrier relationship yourself? We will connect you directly with our carrier’s sales team(s) who are the most knowledgeable about their infrastructure onsite at Liberty. Depending upon the carrier, Liberty will charge a cross connect fee for access.
  • Bring your own carrier. If you have a pre-existing carrier relationship you can maintain that at Liberty. We regularly provide assistance to carriers looking to deliver services to their customers; even those who do not have their own fiber in the building. Carriers without fiber in the building typically will use a local loop from one of our carriers to access the data center. Liberty will charge a monthly cross connect fee for these circuits
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