By using Liberty’s Burstable IP Network, customers get the benefits of having redundant carriers at a fraction of the expense. Liberty uses its economies of scale to obtain affordable, resilient and fast Internet services for its customers.

We blend multiple carriers into one Internet service and provide burstable connections of 100 mb/s or 1 Gb/s. The burstable component allows your Internet traffic to burst at high speeds when you need it. The carriers in our blend utilize all three physical fiber paths into the data center and route traffic out through diverse Central Offices to ensure that customers will always have a clear path to the Internet.

Multi-Homing and BGP

The Liberty network is multi-homed which eliminates a single network’s connection failure as a potential single point of failure. Our carriers are blended into a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) session to announce available routes in and out of the data center. If a carrier’s routes become unavailable for whatever reason, BGP will automatically re-route traffic to other available carrier(s). Liberty’s carriers also use multiple upstream links and network peers so that even if there are issues multiple hops away on a peering partner’s network, there are other routes available for traffic to get to its destination.

Liberty monitors each of its carrier’s “health” from multiple reporting sites around the world. These sites measure and report back network latency and when issues are detected that would inhibit traffic passing unencumbered through the network, Liberty techs will make adjustments in the BGP sessions to maintain low latency traffic.


Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) is used in the internal Liberty network distribution system. Carrier connections are isolated into their own routers and customer connections are isolated into their own routers. A total of four Cisco routers are deployed and are programmed in a mesh to trigger an automatic failover of one or more interfaces in the event of a single router failure. The standard customer handoff is a single connection coming from a single router. However, if high availability services are desired, Liberty can provide dual handoffs so that customers have HSRP protection.

95th Percentile Billing

95th Percentile Billing allows customers to take advantage of high Internet speeds without committing to large circuit sizes. Customers get the advantage of 100 mb/s or 1 gb/s speeds without installing and paying for circuits of that size. The 95th Percentile Billing method is an industry standard and works this way:

  • Traffic is measured at the customer port every 5 minutes
  • Over a month’s period, 8,640 data points are taken
  • All of these data points are sorted high to low each month
  • The top 5% of all measurements (or 432) are eliminated and the next highest value is the usage rate for the month
  • This process is done twice – once for outbound and once for inbound and the highest value is the billable bandwidth for the month

Using the 95th percentile billing, a customer could burst at the limit of the port (e.g. 1 gb/s) for 36 hours in a month and only pay at the rate of the next highest burst.

Network Connections

Liberty can provide copper and fiber connections at any port speed – 10 mb/s, 100 mb/s, 1 gb/s

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