Server Room Cooling Failures: The Dangers of Failing to Beat the Summer Heat

Server Room Cooling Failures: The Dangers of Failing to Beat the Summer Heat

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Summer’s about more than just beach vacations and late sunsets. The weather outside is heating up – and that means that as a data center operator, it’s your job to ensure that your environmental equipment (air conditioning, especially), is made to beat the heat.

After all, with the average cost of data centers on the rise, downtime has never been pricier. A single minute of disrupted service costs an average of $7,900. And even though only 21% of data center failures are caused by heat or weather, is skimping on AC really a risk you can afford to take?

Failures due to heat aren’t exactly without precedent, after all. Remember the 16-hour Hotmail outage back in 2013? The 2015 outage at the iiNET data center in Perth? Or how about last year, when a data center failure caused a hospital to descend into chaos?

Given the right weather conditions, DC room temperatures can rise quickly without proper cooling, in some cases doubling within 120 seconds. And it may not even be the heat itself that causes an outage. In Glasgow last December, for example, an air conditioning unit caused the fire suppression system to go haywire, bringing emails throughout the city to a standstill.

Fact is, your air conditioning is as essential a component of your facility as anything else. And you need to treat them as such. If you don’t properly maintain your systems, properly protect their electrical feeds, and utilize multiple backup cooling units, you’re potentially opening yourself up to significant losses.

Among its other issues, lack of cooling and air circulation can cause:

  • Overheating, which may damage essential server components
  • Automatic shutdown and unexpected downtime
  • Warranty issues – some manufacturers will refuse to honor warranties if equipment is forced to operate outside of ‘safe’ temperatures
  • Condensation due to rapid temperature changes – which can in turn cause catastrophic hard drive failures.  
  • Permanent loss of data or revenue

Now more than ever, you need to ask yourself: is your environment safe? Are you doing everything you can to keep things cool? Thankfully, these aren’t questions you need to answer on your own – provided you choose the right host.

The Liberty Center One Solution

Maintaining a data center can be a complex, intimidating, and time-intensive process – and if it’s one that your business isn’t equipped to manage, that means losing out on productivity. We can help. When things heat up at our facility, our robust environmental systems kick into gear, keeping temperatures in our data rooms to the latest ASHRAE standards no matter what it looks like outdoors.

And even if you aren’t hosting with us, we can provide you with a backup system. That way, in the event that the AC in your current facility does fail, your information will be safe with us. We’ll ensure that a copy of your data can be accessed, minimizing both downtime and data loss.

It gets better, too – right now, we’re in the middle of our Summer back-up storage special. When you sign on as a client, we’ll give you up to three months of free storage, up to 100 TB, at no additional cost.

Contact us today to learn more – we’d love to hear from you!

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