Liberty Center One expanding data center

Liberty Center One expanding data center
New Eaton UPS are at the heart of our data center expansion

New Eaton UPS are dropped in place at Liberty Center One

Fueled by customer growth, Liberty Center One is making a significant investment by expanding its high availability data center in Royal Oak, MI.

At the core of the expansion project is the addition of two new enterprise class Eaton UPS and associated Power Distribution Units. These new UPS units are being deployed to service approximately 120 racks for colocation customers.

Eaton’s 9375 units are transformerless. This means less space and other resources devoted to step-down transformers necessary to break down high-voltage 480v power to usable 208v and 120v power for computing hardware. No transformers also mean more efficient operation. These new UPS can be modified by a simple software upgrade to protect up to 550 kw. These units are highly efficient and help us in our cost containment and green initiatives.

The new UPS also have the maintenance bypass cabinet integrated with the system which allows us to safely perform maintenance while keeping both power legs energized. A very important feature of the high availability data center.

The expansion project is one of the most ambitious projects that we’ve taken on yet. Our team has taken great care to plan out all aspects of the project to ensure that no services to existing customers are disturbed in the very least. Included in the data center expansion will be all new Starline overhead busway for an additional 8 rows of customer cabinets, new air handling equipment, and additional switchgear, in-line breakers and transfer switch.

This investment is consistent with Liberty’s philosophy of staying ahead of the market and providing customers with reliable and scalable data center solutions. The infrastructure upgrades being made will allow for power density growth over time and future expansion without risking customer uptime. We aren’t waiting for customers to demand more, we are preparing for the demand now.

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