Join us on the road to expansion

Join us on the road to expansion

Welcome to the Liberty Center One blog. We hope you will look in frequently and participate in the conversation as we take the next step in our plans to expand out into our second room (affectionately known as Data Room B).

Four years ago, Liberty Center One looked like this:.




And from these beginnings we transformed the building to look like:



And now it’s time to transform the facility again.

We’ve been thinking about this step for some time now. As many new customers have been choosing Liberty Center One to provide them with a High Availability, High Density infrastructure we have reached the point that the first room – Data Room A – is almost full and we need to light up the second room.

Five years ago when we initiated the process to build Liberty Center One, we took account of all of our experiences as a primary customer of data center services – good and bad – to help us plan out what we wanted in a data center. We toured over 20 different types of facilities – from other commercial centers to enterprise run data rooms and observed good practices and questionable practices. We pulled in requirements from some of the leading manufacturing companies in the region to make sure we were compliant with their needs.

Three years later, we have compiled lessons learned from our own experience operating LCO day to day – things that we did that we really liked and others that we would have done differently.

As we take the next step, we’d like to invite you to participate. We’re just starting down the road to design out our expansion plan and we’ll have plenty to talk about…and plenty of items where we’d like your feedback. Our goal is to be our customers’ most valued and dependable IT partner. A resource that our customers can count on to provide them with rock solid support. We hope that you will participate and that we will all learn and improve at the same time. Feel free to post here and we’ll start the dialogue!

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