First-of-its-kind Cross-border Hackathon

First-of-its-kind Cross-border Hackathon

This upcoming weekend, May 1-3, 2015, Detroit area IT professionals have the opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking event destined to bring innovations to the healthcare community.  With the collaboration of TechTown, WEtech Alliance, and Hackforge they will host this first-of-its-kind cross-border health IT hackathon.  Through this alliance, this unique event will break down barriers as they bring together two countries, two healthcare systems, and two sectors. This hackathon will bring professionals from the healthcare and IT industries across the US-Canada border to form teams that conceptualize, design, and build mobile apps and IT solutions for the healthcare sector.  This particular event is part of the Hacking Health series whose goal is to bring about change from the bottom up.  Hacking Health believes, by rapidly building and testing prototypes, we can identify the fraction of ideas that have the potential to scale and at the same time, allow others to take their learnings and apply them to new ideas.

The Windsor Detroit Hacking Health Hackathon will take place at TechTown in Detroit, MI.  Beginning on Friday, May 1st, the event will begin with the pitching of ideas and challenges.  As the ideas are presented, teams will begin to form around these ideas and individuals strengths. Saturday, May 2nd, is a full work day in which teams will work together to bring their idea to life.  Sunday, May 3rd, is the presentation day.  Teams will demonstrate their new innovative app and receive feedback from the panel.  Teams will also be competing for up to $30,000 in awards.  If any viable idea emerges from the hackathon, the panel will also offer the support to help with further development.

While this particular event has already sold out, I encourage you to visit the event’s webpage to learn more about the event, ideas, and individuals involved.  Hacking Health has a number of additional hackathon events upcoming in the next few months throughout the United States as well as around the world.  Through the hard work and dedication of these hackathon attendees, our experience within the healthcare sector could change drastically.

Wondering what a hackathon actually is?

A hackathon is a collaborative computer programming event attended by developers and designers who want to have fun and learn new skills by rapidly building prototypes of their ideas. Hackathons often begin with project pitches, where individuals make short presentations to describe the idea they would like to work on.  Based on these presentations, attendees can choose to join a project which interests them.  Throughout the day, teams work together to design, build, and create their idea.  At the end of the day, everyone gathers to see each team present what they have accomplished.  After every team has the opportunity to present, many hackathons also conclude with a monetary prize presented to the determined winning idea.

We wish the best of luck to all participants, and look forward to hearing about the ideas and innovations created during their collaboration.

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