We’re Expanding, Doubling our floorspace | Liberty Center One

We’re Expanding, Doubling our floorspace | Liberty Center One

You have heard us talk about our expansion plans and we are pleased to inform you that we will be swinging hammers very soon.

In the very near future, we are starting on this expansion project which will more than double the floor capacity at Liberty. This expansion will take advantage of our ability to re-deploy untapped power and cooling assets from Data Room A to start services in Data Room B. Essentially, we have two completely dormant PDUs in Data Room A which can be used to populate approximately 60 racks. Complementing this untapped power is some untapped cooling in Data Room A. We initially installed nine (9) 30 ton CRACs (Computer Room Air Conditioners) in Data Room A and projected that if we were to populate the room fully, we would need 8 running units plus a spare. Today, we are approximately 90% full in Data Room A and at the height of the summer heat we were only running 4 of the 9 units. We have calculated that we can eliminate three units in Data Room A and still have abundant cooling capacity for the room with redundancy.

With these factors in mind, here is a high level review of the build-out plan.

  • Data Room B will be expanded by the elimination of the hallway which presently leads back to the west loading dock. The west loading dock will be maintained but the size of the receiving area will be reduced.
  • A new partition wall will be erected directly adjacent to the entrance to Data Room A to block off the hallway.
  • The present man trap will be modified to include a third door which will provide access to Data Room B.
  • The door that now leads to the generator yard will be moved east and will become an emergency exit door from the common hallway area.
  • A new door will be installed in the electrical room, providing us with private access to the generator yard.
  • The three air conditioning units that are on the common wall between the two data rooms will be re-vented so that they become the air supply units for Data Room B.
  • We will be using un-tapped electrical services that are presently in Data Room A for Data Room B. Thus, new electrical conduit will be run from Data Room A into Data Room B.
  • The new room will be completely outfitted with a single overhead plenum and will be pre-plumbed for additional air handling units.
  • We will be using the Universal Electric Starline Busway Power Distribution System throughout Data Room B as we do in the north end of Data Room A.

The construction project will be accomplished in phases so that we maintain the overall security of the site and minimize any contamination of the remainder of the building from construction debris and dust.

We are planning for a completion date of November 1, 2012, pending city inspections and approvals.

If you would like to take a look at the new floor plan, we invite you to stop by and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the overall site plan. And as construction progresses will be providing you with updates.

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