Everything Is Connected: Grand Rapids Conference | Liberty Center One

Everything Is Connected: Grand Rapids Conference | Liberty Center One

Everyday our world becomes more connected.  The days of the “real” world and the online world are gone. Those two worlds are moving closer to become blended into one in which every moment of our day is online and connected.  From our TVs to our cars to even our coffee pots, everything in our life is now connected.  Connection is the name of the game: organizations can operate in both  worlds or exist in neither. Through this half-day conference, West Michigan business leaders will explore the possibilities of a world where everything — from what we eat to what we watch and how we share — is connected.

“The Connection Message” is a collaborative project brought to you by AdFed, AMA West Michigan and aimWest. From creative elements and messaging through technology, measurement and strategy, attendees will experience in-depth exploration of how marketing efforts are planned, created, displayed, measured and analyzed. Industry professionals of all positions are encouraged to attend.

Spend the afternoon learning and listening to industry leaders who are already exploring this new connected world at the JW Marriot in Grand Rapids.  Members from Google, Seamless, Comcast, and AddThis will present on how their organizations are navigating this new industry in which your customers are always “online”. For more information on the speakers, visit the AMAWest website. Stay after the event, to network with fellow industry members by attending the after-party.

To purchase tickets and learn more about parking options as well as directions to the venue, visit the event page.

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