A different kind of support

A different kind of support

The Liberty Center One facility was originally built as a light industrial site. It functioned for years as a tool and die shop which provides a solid foundation for some of the heavy duty equipment that we deploy in the electrical infrastructure – our dual UPS system, step down transformers, paralleling switchgear and transfer switches. The solid block construction also contributes the building’s overall integrity. Data centers require a tremendous amount of space for supporting equipment and one of our goals is to be extremely efficient with the space we have while maintaining a fit and trim appearance. Each of our 30 ton Liebert Computer Room Air Conditioners (fondly known as CRACs) require a corresponding condenser unit with heavy duty fans which are placed on the roof of the data center. So when we started on our journey to remodel and expand our second data room floor, it was very important to us to make certain that the roof over our new floor was sufficiently sturdy to support any new equipment we might add over time. We would only have one chance to make any adjustments and we wanted to get this right. Our structural engineers determined that additional support was needed and we proceeding with a plan to reinforce the roof with a supporting beam and floor mounted posts.The first step was to prepare the floor for the supporting posts. We saw cut the existing concrete floor and excavated the soil below.


After the cement and soils were excavated, a new fill of concrete was dropped in to form the base of the new posts.


A new layer of cement was poured and the posts were set and we were ready for the beam to go up.


Using a lift system including a forklift, the supporting beams were lifted to the ceiling.


Once the beam was put in place, a welding team came in on scissors lift to ensure that the beam was welded to the roof deck and to the supporting posts in multiple places.


And a new supporting beam was now in place. More importantly we completed all of this work in the new room without any potential risk the existing data room. All debris and construction materials were contained in the new room as it was sealed off from the rest of the facility during construction. The result is a feeling of confidence that we and our customers will have, knowing that their valuable hardware is safe and secure.

It’s not glamorous and certainly has little to do with IT services, but it’s all in a day’s work at Liberty Center One.

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