Cloud Recovery vs. Colocation – Which Should Your Disaster Recovery Plan Incorporate?

Cloud Recovery vs. Colocation – Which Should Your Disaster Recovery Plan Incorporate?


Your data center needs a disaster recovery plan. There can be no questions about that. There’s a ton of stuff that can potentially go wrong with your servers, from inclement weather to hardware failure to a destructive cyber attack.

Without a solid plan in place, everything has the potential to fall apart the moment something goes wrong. You need to ensure your employees all know their duties and responsibilities in the event of a crisis. Most importantly, you need a solid disaster recovery solution – to ensure both business continuity and data integrity.

You might be tempted to turn to the cloud to meet all your needs. After all, its flexible, infinitely-available, and completely redundant, right? What better option is there?

Here’s the thing – the cloud’s greatest strength is that it provides on-demand infrastructure and that you only pay for what you use. Where data backups are concerned, it works great for smaller enterprises, and for businesses with only a few servers. If you’re operating a data center, however, it’s a bit less cost-effective.

Data-wise, you’re not just backing up a few servers. We’re talking terabytes – maybe even petabytes – of information. You aren’t generally going to store that volume of data on a cloud server.

If it helps, you might think of the cloud as a hotel. While it may be economical enough to use your hotel room for a night or two, if you want to stay permanently, it would probably be a lot easier to simply buy the suite. And that’s where colocation comes in.

By hosting your data backups in an offsite facility, you’ll save significantly. You won’t need to worry about ongoing service costs, and you’ll have access to as much storage space as you need. And you needn’t discount the cloud altogether, either.

The cloud’s on-demand nature makes it ideally-suited for providing failover capabilities. Whenever a piece of infrastructure goes offline, a virtualized replacement can be spun up immediately, ensuring business continuity. And unlike with cloud data storage, you’ll only need to pay for the infrastructure while you’re using it.

You can colocate your data backups offsite, and rely on the cloud to provide you with on-demand virtual infrastructure that you can easily and automatically failover to when your own hardware goes down. These are both services Liberty Center One provides.

Customers with their own data center can co-locate in our resilient, enterprise-grade, tier 3 facility. There, they can use our powerful SWAN backup system in tandem with our cloud recovery services. With on-demand virtual recovery and mirrored recovery, fast and efficient infrastructure, and in-transit data encryption, working with Liberty Center One ensures downtime in a crisis is kept to a minimum – and data restoration is done in a flash.

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