Barely Working: Why Degraded Performance Is Just As Bad as Downtime

Barely Working: Why Degraded Performance Is Just As Bad as Downtime



Quick question – which do you feel would be more frustrating for you?

  • Trying to watch a movie on Netflix and having it instantly fail to connect.
  • Trying to watch a movie on Netflix, and having the video chop and lag to the point that it’s unwatchable.  

In both cases, you aren’t going to be happy. But if you’re like most people, you’d rather deal with the former than the latter. See, few things are more frustrating than something that just barely doesn’t work.

The reasoning here is pretty simple. In the former situation, you’re immediately aware that there’s something wrong. You know there’s downtime, and that there’s nothing you can do about it. That might suck, but at least you aren’t wasting time trying to get things working.

If you’re dealing with performance problems, it’s a completely different story. Is the issue on your end or theirs? Is it something that’s common to all users, or just to you? Is there something you can do about it, or should you just wait this out?

The one commonality is that your customers aren’t going to be happy. Sure as downtime is going to cost you money, an application or website whose performance is in the toilet will cost you customers. Why use something that barely works when you can track down a competitor’s solution that functions just fine?

Consider, for example, that 57% of web users will abandon a site after three seconds. That translates to app performance too – a today’s users aren’t exactly willing to wait around while your systems kick into gear. You need to ensure you’ve the infrastructure to offer stellar performance no matter what your traffic looks like.

“A study by CA Technologies found that 68% of people who left a brand because of slow loading times expected the app to load in six seconds or less,” reads a piece on Crowdsourced Testing. “A fast-loading website or app is likelier to convert a browser into a sale, and it gives a better impression of the brand…If you want people to spend time in your app or to spend money on your website, then fast load times are essential.”

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re online if your systems are just barely chugging along. Invest in your infrastructure. Because if you don’t, your customers will probably go to a competitor who does.

Of course, not every brand has the capacity to shell out a mint to ensure their data center is up to par. That’s where Liberty Center One comes in. Our facility offers dynamically-scaling resources that’ll keep you online no matter what – without causing your performance to suffer. Learn more here.


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